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How to choose the right pajamas

When it comes to choosing the right pajamas, there are a few things you need to take into account. Here are a few tips to help you choose the perfect pajamas for you. Although choosing pajamas seems simple, I advise you to think carefully and justify your purchase before buying. Pajamas have been proven to affect the quality of your sleep.


Your pajamas will be part of your sleeping routine, and comfort is your top priority. So think about whether you really need pockets, a collar, a drawstring, a zipper…. All this can bother you during sleep or make it harder to turn.


Pajamas are made of different materials, some in mixed versions, and you can choose the fabric that suits your lifestyle. Usually, pajamas are made of cotton, bamboo, cotton with elastane, which is light and airy. In winter we like to use warm flannel, and in summer we like air silk. Depending on whether you are a frosty type or you are always hot, choose a material that will not irritate your skin and will suit your body.


When buying pajamas online, take the time to view the size chart and material composition. 


Who says pajamas have to be boring? By choosing a print, your pajamas can reflect your personality in a variety of ways.


Invest in pajamas that you will wear for a long time, something that has a classic look and is made of quality materials. Choose handmade pajamas based on your measurements. Fashion designers pay a lot of attention to this. Every garment we make is made carefully to perfection.


Some pajamas can also be worn as a home garment! Why not? This way we extend the night comfort throughout the day!


Most materials are machine washable, at 30 degrees, and on a delicate program. What about drying? The best and most gentle and natural to clothes is, of course, air drying. Drying in the dryer shrinks the fabric, which often makes our sleeves too short. If you only dry your pajamas in the dryer, this is an important piece of information, as we can take this information into account when making it and extend the length of sleeves and trousers. Let’s not forget – with proper clothing care we extend and achieve optimal durability of the clothing.

Once you’ve considered all of these factors, you should have no problem finding the perfect pair of pajamas!

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