Why do you look better in the store mirror than you do at home? If you think that the answer to this question lies with the lighting and makeup, then think again! Although makeup (and good lighting) is often cited as a reason why appearances differ between store mirrors and selfies taken at home, it turns out it’s not really about whether the mirror is flattering. Rather, like many other aspects of our appearance, it’s related to how we stand in front of the mirror.

Every person has had that experience of getting ready to leave the house and then standing in front of the mirror to check yourself out one last time. But this day, you feel something noticeably different. You look great! New clothes? A haircut? Maybe a new hairstyle or hair color?

👉There are a few explanations for why we look better in store mirrors. First, the lighting in stores is often very flattering. They use bright lights to make the products look their best, and that same lighting can make us look our best too.

👉Second, store mirrors are often placed at a good angle. They’re usually at eye level or slightly above, which is a flattering angle for most people.

👉Finally, we tend to be more relaxed and confident when we’re shopping. We’re not worried about how we look, so we hold our bodies and expressions in a way that looks natural and confident. All of these factors add up to make us look better in store mirrors than we do in regular mirrors at home.

karmina Of course, this is all done in an effort to get you to buy more clothes. But it’s also a good reminder that mirrors don’t always show us an accurate reflection of reality. So next time you catch a glimpse of yourself in a store mirror and think, “Wow, I look great!”, just remember that it might not be entirely true.