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Are you fed up with messy closets and feeling overwhelmed by making choices?

Say goodbye to overwhelm and hello to effortless elegance and build your own capsule wardrobe.


A capsule wardrobe represents the essence of minimalism and intentionality in fashion. It’s a carefully curated collection of versatile, high-quality pieces that seamlessly blend together, creating a range of outfits suitable for any occasion. By focusing on a smaller number of items that you love to wear, a capsule wardrobe simplifies decision-making, reduces clutter, and promotes sustainable fashion practices.  Karmina capsule wardrobe clothes are exclusively made to order, offering a personalized touch to your sustainable fashion journey.


Save money

Encourage creativity

Save time

Reduce clutter

Feel good with less

Hello, I’m Teja Kodre, a responsible fashion designer.

With over 20 years of experience in fashion design and as a self-taught seamstress, I’ve honed my skills in creating custom women’s clothing. My journey in this industry has been one of passion, dedication, and constant learning. But what truly excites me is the story behind my label, Karmina.

Karmina is not just a name; it’s a representation of my philosophy and values in fashion. The name ‘Karmina’ is inspired by the idea of ‘karma’ and ‘harmony’ in fashion – it’s about creating clothes that not only look beautiful but also feel right and do good. It’s a blend of my personal journey and a commitment to sustainable, ethical fashion practices.

Launching Karmina was a dream come true. It’s a label that stands for quality, style, and comfort, tailored specifically for women. Each piece is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring a perfect fit that enhances confidence and elegance. My goal with Karmina is not just to make clothes but to empower women through fashion, making them look and feel their absolute best.

Karmina is more than just a brand; it’s a promise – a promise of quality, individuality, and a commitment to making every woman feel special in what she wears.


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Try & buy Karmina clothes in Ana&Gaja Art Gallery.

The Gallery is open during the winter season only by prior appointment any time that suits you.

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The most comfortable pullover I ever bought.

>“I have bought this sweater and I can vouch for it being really soft. It`s bigger than the regular sweaters but that’s what makes it so comfortable. I like to wear it nearly every day during autumn when I’m cold.”

- Mojca M.

Simplicity and sophistication all together in one piece.

>“My favorite blouse! I love the simplicity of this design and the sophistication in its simplicity. It’s really a go-to blouse for me, perfect for warmer weather. I especially like how the material lets your skin breathe.”

- Petra P.

Multi wearable clothes.

>This top is perfect for many occasions and my favourite piece this summer. The material is breathable and cold.

- Tanja L.