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When Fashion Comes Alive: The Importance of Trying on Clothes

Have you ever experienced that slight uncertainty when shopping for clothes online? The excitement of finding the perfect piece can sometimes be overshadowed by the fear of it not looking as expected when it arrives at your doorstep. Recently, I had an eye-opening encounter with a delightful client who reminded me of the enchantment that occurs when you try on a garment. Allow me to share her story with you, as we delve into the challenges we face in accurately representing clothing online.

A week ago, one of my lovely clients shared her experience of being pleasantly surprised by how amazing our clothes looked on her when she tried them on. Her revelation sparked a profound realization within me. It made me ponder the difficulties we encounter in portraying garments online with utmost accuracy.

When we shop online, we heavily rely on visual cues—those meticulously crafted images that aim to showcase the garments in their best light. However, there exists a vital aspect that cannot be replicated through mere visuals: the tactile experience, the touch, and the feel of the fabric against our skin. There’s an indescribable sensation that accompanies the act of trying on a piece, feeling it perfectly embrace our curves or elegantly drape over our bodies.

I fully acknowledge that it is impossible to completely replicate the personal experience of physically trying on clothes through online shopping. That’s precisely why I always encourage my clients to visit the Ana & Gaja Art Gallery in Štanjel and indulge in a fitting session. It is during these moments that the true magic happens—a dress that effortlessly enhances your figure or a pair of jeans that hugs you in all the right places.

Let us not be disheartened if a garment does not look exactly as expected in a photo. Trust me, it might just surprise you when you finally give it a whirl! There’s an element of excitement in discovering that a piece you might have dismissed based on its appearance turns out to be a perfect match when tried on.

Online shopping has undoubtedly revolutionized the way we explore and acquire fashion. However, it’s important to acknowledge the challenges of representing clothes accurately through images alone. The magic truly unfolds when we embrace the tactile experience of trying on clothes. So, the next time you’re uncertain about how a garment might look on you, remember the power of in-person fittings and allow yourself to be pleasantly surprised. Let us celebrate the joy that comes from merging the virtual and tangible realms of fashion.

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