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Karmina and Fi by Gaja Fashion Event in Štanjel

Štanjel, 28 May 2022

On Saturday afternoon, Štanjel was a wonderful backdrop for sustainable fashion. The 6th season of the Ana & Gaja Art Gallery has started with a fashion show by two designers, Teja Kodre – Karmina and Gaja Hanzel – Fi by Gaja. The creators joined forces to present to wider audience fashion pieces based on quality, local workmanship, and sustainability, which is gaining in importance both in the fashion industry and among consumers.

At the fashion show, which included two exits of six stylings, we could admire Karmina clothes designed according to the capsule wardrobe, bags made of environmentally friendly materials and silk scarves Fi by Gaja, handmade ceramic jewelry Ana & Gaja Art Gallery, and a few pieces of printed clothing from the Women’s Ethos collection (Fi by Gaja and Tjaša Škapin).

The entire program was coordinated by Eva Ostrouška (on the picture wearing yellow cardigan), who conjured up a relaxed atmosphere for the event. Six young women from the local environment tested themselves in the roles of models, providing an honest and natural presentation of the creations.It is no coincidence that the fashion show took place in Štanjel, as the collaboration of the designers was born there.

The first photos of joint stylings, combined by Gaja and Teja, were taken last summer on the beautiful streets of Štanjel, and they found Karmina’s clothes and Fi by Gaja fashion accessories complement each other perfectly. Thoughtful and timeless design, durability, quality, local production, and selected materials. All of these are common denominators of both fashion brands, which design their creations according to the principle of slow and ethical fashion.

They are committed to minimizing the impact on the environment, prudent purchases, and fair working conditions. The idea to organize a fashion show together with a sustainable note in Gaja’s gallery was the next step in their collaboration. Gaja Hanzel, Fi by Gaja, said: “I am glad that despite the really bad weather forecast, Teja and I managed to hold the event. My desire for a fashion show in the gallery arose shortly after its opening in 2017. This year, the desire grew into an idea and finally turned into realization. It means a lot to me to work with local designers and artists who have common values ​​and Teja and I got along great. I hope that in the future, visitors will be able to see another of our joint projects, which at the same time communicates that fashion can be beautiful and friendly to the environment, people and animals. ”

After the official part of the event, visitors enjoyed homemade snacks and socializing with the designers. All the products, which are also available in the gallery, were also viewed up close. “All products and creations that were presented at the fashion show, visitors can continue to see in the Ana & Gaja Art Gallery in Štanjel.

On Saturdays, both designers are present in the gallery, who also present our creations live and tell us more about our design. We are also happy to advise you on the choice of clothing and fashion accessories, “said Teja Kodre, Karmina. So, a great idea for a trip to the picturesque Štanjel, which always enchants, and a visit to the gallery, which will impress aware fashion enthusiasts and art lovers.

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