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Zeitlose handgemachte Kleidung.

Singer Mojca Štoka Moya wears Karmina

Mojca Štoka Moya wears Karmina and says:

“… When you simply know what you want to wear and you feel more than great in it 👍

Isn’t she beautiful? 😍😍😍

Karmina  has sustainable pieces of clothing that you can combine with each other as you wish. I fell in love with this dress, which falls nicely, breathes and despite the fact that I was in it all day, it didn’t wrinkle at all 😍😍😍 (which, believe me, to me as a mother; this is very important 😍😍😍)

This time in the summer edition … I can already see the autumn combination of this dress in my mind ✨

What I like even more: each dress is made to order and also from the smallest piece of fabric – leftovers, Teja creates something so that waste is really minimal … It is made in Slovenia, I am happy to support Slovenian artists. ❤️ There are also more color combinations … somehow I prefer to use timeless black 😊

I recommend visiting the website, where you can see the entire collection of timeless clothes and where you get a discount when you sign up for the news 🤭

Karmina – elegant, timeless, high quality and COMFORT! ❤️😉”


Meet Moya and listen to her music here.

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